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In order to address the ever evolving challenges in the fire protection arena, The Cogswell Companies have ventured beyond convention and adopted new and forward thinking technologies. Cogswell is pleased to announce the addition of such ventures to their already diverse resume of firefighting capabilities.

BIM/3D Modeling ...
The rapid emergence of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is changing the way Cogswell works together with project teams, coordinates, and solves installation problems to build better projects faster and at less cost. With our state of the art AutoCAD / SprinkCAD / Navisworks capabilities, no one can match our ability to help customers understand and benefit from this transformation

Corrosion Control Systems...
In the constant battle against sprinkler pipe corrosion, Cogswell is utilizing a new proven corrosion control system from ECS. Utilizing patented and scientifically proven nitrogen inerting technology, these solutions provide complete protection against leaks, reduced hydraulic performance, and reduced service life caused by oxygen attack of the metal sprinkler pipe

As the only Quell licensee in the New England states Cogswell is positioned to offer the "Big Box Freezer" Industry an alternative to the problems formerly associated with freezers and fire sprinklers. Tyco Fire Products (TFP) has recently introduced a remedy for builders and owners of large food storage freezer facilities. As a dedicated user of Tyco equipment, Cogswell was uniquely positioned to gain a license to install the Quell System. Please visit Tyco for details regarding this new and exciting technology.

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